What the f**k is a Gigadibs?

Greetings to all who have found my little corner of the internet. Take a seat, have some tea. You may need a jumper, the landlord hasn’t sorted the boiler yet.

A little about myself; I like games. I like them a lot. They’re fun.

What I like more however is the progression of the gaming industry; how games are innovated and used to innovate media, the impact they can have as a storytelling device, a social commentary or even as a piece of art, and how the challenge of making something ‘fun’ seems to becoming more and more difficult for the AAA industry in a time when the market is saturated and originality is scarce.

I’m not sure what I’ll talk about. To be honest this is little more than justification play games and call it ‘research’. But I’m British and on the internet, So it’ll probably be lot of complaining. But who doesn’t like a good moan now, eh?


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